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//  Origin:  Elkhart, IN
//  Genres:  Fingerstyle/ modern acoustic/ contemporary
//  Years Active:  2010- Present
//  Label: Independent artist
//  Website:
// Sponsors/ Endorsments:
Dimarzio Inc
Halland Guitars
Elite Acoustics
Thalia Capos
G7th Capos
Right on Guitar straps
Clingon tuner and pickup systems
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Short Bio

Amber was born in Florida, raised in northern Indiana. Started out as a folk/blues/soul singer/songwriter. Once she was introduced to fingerstyle acoustic music, everything became clear. It was that something she was looking for her whole life, but didn't realize it until it was presented. She spent the next few years learning and mastering fingerstyle guitar. Studying compositions by the great Andy Mckee and Trace Bundy. Participating in the Canadian guitar festival and being the first female competitor, completed Fingerstyle Guitar Percussive Bootcamp ran by world famous Austrian guitarist Thomas Leeb. In 2018 conducted her first cross-country North American Tour from March-October. From California, to New York, as North as Canada and as south as Florida. Amber continues to learn and play an active roll in the fingerstyle community



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